Lex Leosis - Mythologies Album (CD)

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Limited Edition CD - 6-side Gatefold

Produced by: Lex Leosis
Producers: Andre Paxton, Rainer + Grimm, Kato on the Track, Yondo, Taabu, Clyde Strokes
Recorded in Toronto, ON & Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by: KR Moore, Andre Paxton, Rainer + Grimm, & Taabu
Mixed by: KR Moore, Andre Paxton & Rainer + Grimm
Mastered by: Lacquer Channel Mastering
Album Art: Lex Leosis & Brodie Metcalfe
Photography: Samuel Engelking
Direction/Styling: Cecile des Vignes
Hair: Kendra Madeiros
Makeup: Viktor Peters

Why You
Gemini ft. Benita
Too Nice (Interlude) w/ Keysha Freshh
Se Miso ft. Snotty Nose Rez Kids
I Don't Play That
Mind Your Business
The Fall of Alex
MYB Pt. II ft. Patrik